Changes in a client's living situation, abilities, and relationships often feed depression. Our trained, licensed, professional counselors understand the client's feelings about aging, illness, grief, loss and lifestyle changes. The counseling process helps the client cope with change and adjusting to their new situation. Our counselors can also provide counseling and support for family caregivers regarding care management issues, family dynamics, and feelings of anger, loss or guilt.


Care Managers as Counselors

elderly womanMrs. P had a broken hip and mild memory loss leaving her unable to function independently at home. Because she also could not tolerate in-home help, she and her daughter decided that Mrs. P should move to a retirement community near her daughter and son-in-law.

After moving to her new home, Mrs. P experienced great loss issues: her friends, her work, her physical health, and the possessions she left behind. All of her many past problems were forgotten and all of her anger and frustrations were directed toward her daughter.

The retirement community staff recommended that her daughter contact a care manager to counsel with Mrs. P. Through counseling with a care manager from Sanders & Warren, Mrs. P had an opportunity to reminisce, to remember her true circumstances in the old community, and to remember the positive reasons that brought her to Illinois. Best of all, she gained perspective on her expectations of her daughter and what services and support her daughter could really provide. Problem-solving is a big part of our counseling so that small misunderstandings don’t become major problems.