Emergency Response

If family members are not nearby or available, seniors need a responsible local person who can respond quickly to emergencies. Sanders & Warren can respond to calls 24-7. When a client is sent to the emergency room, the care manager will meet them there with a list of their medications, medical history and current information. The care manager will provide the medical staff with information needed to best evaluate the senior’s current symptoms and order tests appropriate for the situation.

Many times a senior is sent to the hospital without their hearing aids or glasses. This adds to their anxiety, which makes them less able to accurately respond to questions they are asked by the medical staff. Without a reputable person to provide the doctor with correct information, the patient can be wrongly diagnosed. If the senior is admitted to the hospital the care manager informs the floor nurse of the seniors needs.

Care managers serve as a reassuring presence to the senior as well as eyes and ears for the family. The care manager will keep the family informed of test results and continually update them.

tree on roofIn addition to medical emergencies, here are some situations Sanders & Warren has responded to quickly for their seniors.

  • Furnace going out in the middle of winter
  • Storms cutting off power
  • Tree falling on senior’s home
  • Senior’s pet is hurt or ill
  • Flooding