The Care Managers at Sanders & Warren are Certified Guardians and members in good standing of The National Guardianship Foundation.They have been providing guardian services for over 25 years.

Guardianship Of The Person Who Is A Disabled Adult

A Guardian is responsible for healthcare and residency decisions related to the ward' s care. Similar to being a care manager, a comprehensive assessment is completed in order to develop a care plan with short term and long term goals to improve and preserve the health, safety and happiness of the ward.

Sanders & Warren Guardians seek to be true to the person's preferences, wishes and lifestyle to the best of their knowledge, and gather extensive medical information in order to make decisions on the disabled adult's behalf that will provide the best quality of life and the least amount of suffering.

elderly woman in bedIn addition, the Guardian discusses with the ward their preferences concerning medical treatment and end-of-life issues. If they have difficulty expressing their wishes, input is sought from family members, friends, pastors, doctors and attorneys to whom the ward may have confided their preferences prior to their health decline. The Guardian takes into account the choices the person of the ward may have made when helping their parents or spouse at the end of life.


Guardianship Of The Estate Of A Person
Who Is A Disabled Adult

Sanders & Warren employs a team approach in managing estates and trusts. This provides a system of check and balances. All decisions are always based on the best interest of the client.

Sanders & Warren never receives compensation or referral fees from any other professional or service provider and uses a wide variety of professionals in order to avoid a conflict of interest.

Sanders & Warren seek out and heed the advice of reputable Elder Law attorneys proficient in estate planning for the elderly and for adults with special needs. They also seek out and rely upon the advice of Independent Investment Advisors and Financial Planners who have access to a comprehensive array of financial products. Sanders & Warren uses the client's own tax accountant or other reputable accountants experienced in tax laws and deductions applicable to trusts, estates and seniors.

Here's a partial list of our experience. Our care managers have:

  • Compiled an initial inventory of assets
  • Developed a short-term plan to meet immediate needs
  • Developed a long-term plan to ensure the financial assets are prudently managed and last as long as possible
  • Provided an update and accounting of all transactions annually, biannually, or quarterly, dependent upon the need
  • Managed estates valued over $2M and have been approved for the required $3M bond to manage that size estate
  • Managed the Special Needs Trust of $10,000 which has lasted over 8 years (the beneficiary lives in Supportive Living and receives Medicaid)
  • Closely monitored Certificates of Deposit so they are reinvested at maturity at the best rate possible
  • Arranged the sale of real estate and other valuable property on behalf of a client


Many times a recommendation is only the first step on the path to insuring the safety and well-being of a family member. Read the following example for some of the ways that a care manager can help during times of transition.

Care Managers as Guardians or Power of Attorney

A Sanders & Warren geriatric care manager was contacted by a hospital social worker to become temporary guardian of the person and the estate of Miss V as she had no known family. After the care manager became guardian, Miss V was moved to a nursing home for rehabilitation.

During her recovery the care manager discovered that Miss V. was a hoarder and her home was inhabitable and in disrepair.

Following her recovery Miss V had a lessening of confusion and improved physical health. Now with improved physical health, she was ready to consider living in a more independent setting in a retirement community.

Miss V and her care manager visited and toured three retirement facilities. With excitement Miss V told her care manager that she loved the place with the cozy library since she is an avid reader. The care manager took Miss V back to her home to make decisions about furniture and personal items for her new home. The care manager facilitated the move and continues to make weekly visits to provide counsel and support. Due to the prior confusion Miss V had experienced, many of her bills were unpaid even though she had substantial financial resources. The care manager righted her financial affairs, sought out an attorney to create a trust, and when needed, assists Miss V in paying her bills and with doctor appointment.