Our Approach

At Sanders & Warren we offer a unique, personal approach to serving our clients.

  • Our process from start to completion is streamlined and personable. Upon receiving your initial call you will be connected to a care manager who serves your area and best suited to your needs. Instead of you relying on multiple personnel, your care manager will be the one who will to listen to your needs, describe our services, meet with you and your loved one, develop the care plan and provide follow-up care.

  • We focus on the client's strengths. We are thoughtful listeners, as we continue to learn a client's abilities, likes and preferences. That way, the client feels in control, allowing them to preserve their self-esteem and dignity.


    We believe in earning our keep. We invoice monthly, with a very detailed description of services and condition of the client by the care manager.

  • Our care plans are as unique as the individual. Our recommendations are custom-made to their particular situation. We never suggest a cookie-cutter approach. We take into consideration the client's history, lifestyle, preferences, and unique set of needs.

  • We understand that because each clients situation is unique, the amount of support they may need from us varies, or can vary within an individual's lifetime. For that reason we are happy to discuss what is most appropriate for your situation. For example, we can provide care management on an as-needed basis, or become a trusted friend and advocate for the rest of the client's life.

  • When working with families, we are very respectful to all family members involved by listening and taking into account each person’s viewpoint.

  • As an advocate for our client, working with other agencies and professionals we are collaborative and non-confrontational but can be very firm and clear when we need to be.

  • Our personal touch extends to our monthly details of ongoing care. Families appreciate the detailed notes from their care manager chronicling their loved one's condition, progress, activities, and special moments.