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Aging Life Care: Includes information about care management and a listing of care managers who are members nationwide.
Alzheimer's Association: Includes warning signs of dementia or Alzheimer's Disease, stages of Alzheimer's Disease and a wealth of information. 24/7 helpline 1-800-272-3900.
Parkinson's Disease Foundation: Describes symptoms and treatment approaches and research.
Wonderful resource describing diseases, medical conditions, medications and even health supplements.
Mayo Clinic: An excellent source of information on diseases and medical conditions and medications.
American Heart Association: Includes cardiac symptoms, conditions, and treatment.
National Stroke Association: Includes warning signs, prevention, types of strokes and treatment.
American Diabetes Association: Prevention, symptoms, treatment and how to manage a diabetic diet.
Describes senior programs available in DuPage County particularly those for lower income seniors and defines eligibility for those programs.
American Medical Association: Great resource for finding a doctor. Provides background information including specialty, medical school, hospital privileges, awards and whether a specific doctor accepts new Medicare patients and which insurance plans cover their services.
US Social Security Administration: Includes eligibility requirements for benefits, how to apply for benefits, addresses of local offices etc.


Questions to ask before hiring a caremanager:

1. How long have you been providing care management services?

Sanders & Warren has been providing care management services for over 25 years. Together the care managers experience spans more than 60 years of finding creative, practical, and cost-effective solutions to the issues and problems facing the elderly and their families.

2. Do you have a state license in your profession?

All of the care managers at Sanders & Warren have Illinois State licenses in their respective fields of social work, counseling, and gerontology.

3. What are your professional credentials?

Sanders & Warren Care Managers are Masters Degreed professionals. They have extensive background working with the elderly in diverse settings. Their combined career experience includes working with seniors in private homes, nursing homes, assisted living, retirement communities, home health agencies, community family service agencies, senior centers, and acute, rehab and geropsychiatric hospital units.

4. Are you available for emergencies?

Our office hours at Sanders & Warren are 8:30 to 4:30 Monday – Friday. We employ an office staff who answers the phone during business hours. After hours, calls are forwarded to a care manager’s cell phone. The care manager determines how the emergency will be handled. When possible the personal care manager of the client will respond, if not one of the other care managers will respond. All care managers have the needed information available and aware of the general situation of the each client from mutual staffing and care planning meetings. As care managers it is crucial that we provide 24-hour coverage, seven days a week.

5. How will you communicate with family members?

During the assessment, care managers at Sander & Warren determine with the client and family the frequency and type of communication the family wants. In the event of an emergency, the family is always contacted.

6. Does your agency provide home care services?

During our 25 years of service Sanders & Warren has developed relationships with many community agencies providing caregivers. Since each person is different, their needs and preferences guide us in contacting agencies. We can give the family the names of agencies and have them follow up. Or, we can contact the agency, interview the caregiver with the family and client, and monitor the placement. Many options are available.

7. Can you provide me with references?

Sanders & Warren will gladly provide references upon request.