"Thanks so much for all of the help you and your staff have given me. I appreciate how Sanders & Warren has gone the extra mile to give me the help I need with my health and emotional needs. There will always be a place in my heart for all of you." — M.

". . . I just read your July 31 report, in particular the entries for 7/27 and 7/28. Thank you very much for giving up half of your weekend to take care of my mother’s dog bite injury. Holy Smokes!! What an ordeal. You are truly an angel. Thank you so much for the selfless care you are giving my mother."Mike

"I hired Sanders & Warren when it became apparent that my 91-year-old mother would not be able to return to her home after being hospitalized. My mother is fiercely independent and strong-willed, and often times difficult to deal with. When we moved her to assisted living, the care manager was very helpful in that process and was able to gain my mother’s trust, which is not easily done. They have been instrumental in helping me deal with all of the geriatric issues, ranging from health care and Medicare, doctor’s visits, what to do with her house, moving furniture, etc. My mother is suffering from advanced dementia, and the care manager has been helpful with this particular type of care. She has been sensitive to our family dynamics, never judgmental, and always thoughtful and supportive. I receive regular email updates from her. I recommend Sanders & Warren as a geriatric care managers without reservation. They have kind hearts, work hard, and know the geriatric world."Mike Williford
(portion of a letter that was sent to an Elder Law Attorney)
". . . thank you for referring me to Sanders & Warren for advocacy regarding my mother. Our advocate was effective in getting mom out of the wheelchair and walking independently with a walker. The four weeks mom spent unable to leave that wheelchair are inexcusable… This change made a huge difference in my mother's emotional state as well as that of our family."R.L.

". . . thank you for the care and friendship you provided for my mother-in-law. She spoke highly of Sanders & Warren even before she officially needed your services. I hope when we're older we can find the same level of qualified friends and caregivers that she was able to surround herself with."K. S.

"Thank you so much for your help over the last years with my aunts. I know it brought peace-of-mind that both of them were under such a watchful guardianship. But I know that it transcended into more than that. They had a family member (Sanders & Warren ) with them. That is irreplaceable."B.

". . . my care manager has been invaluable in guiding both my mom and me for the past 2 years. I trust her one hundred percent." P. M.

"Thank you for all of your help over the years! I know that we all appreciated your ability to help and your love for her as a person. I know that mom really liked your visits and looked forward to seeing you and having good conversations. You were always there when mom needed you and when we were unavailable. You're the best!!!" B. Y.

"I do not have the words to thank you for your thoughtful, compassionate, reasoned, deeply felt response to me. You are actually the only person from whom I take comfort since I know how much integrity you bring to your professional judgment and experiences. Thank you, thank you, and thank you. With loving gratitude." — H.

". . . Once again we've received a miracle! Thanks for taking such good care of all of dad's financial matters!"

". . . My sister Debbie and I enjoyed your presentation at Arden Courts last evening. You are so very honest and forthright. We appreciated the many 'tips' you gave us to have a loving relationship with our mother."

". . . Thank you again. I am going to share your "Making Moments Matter" with my other brothers and sister. Your handouts and your presentation truly is very helpful in what we can do to support my mom."